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Monday, November 12, 2012

Burning poppies.

In various parts of Asia British troops are burning fields of poppies. They have their reasons for doing this and no-one here seems to mind. During this process British troops are being killed by people who amongst other things do not like their poppies and their income being torched. We honour these dead soldiers each November by wearing poppies... A tradition started after the first War when poppies, Flanders was full of them, were considered to symbolise the wasted generation of men sent to their stupid death by a bunch of idiots who did not value their lives and considered them nothing more than targets.

In Kent yesterday an idiot 19 year old was arrested and held in custody for publishing a photograph of a burning poppy.

The wrong kind of poppy!

 How very very stupid has this country become!

Seems Steve Bell agrees!

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