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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Fielding Mellen: Partying as Grenfell Tower burned.

A very reliable source informs me that, on Friday evening while Grenfell still smouldered and the fire fighters were continuing their work Rock Fielding Mellen, Deputy Head of RBKC and head of housing held a lavish champagne and coke party at his family pile Stanway House in Gloucestershire.

Stanway House.

Grenfell Tower.

Whether Feilding Mellen was in attendance cannot be confirmed at this time.

I do know however that a number of his wealthy set found the concept of a party more than  even they could stomach. It seems that he is being deserted. I wonder why?

Rock Feilding Mellen.

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  1. You ran frit in the night. Whilst there is no shred - a couple of teeth maybe was all that was left - of my incinerated 14th floor friend Denis Murphy. When will you show some courage and responsibility and hand yourself in? The buck stops with you former RBK&C Head of Housing Rock Feilding Mellen I'm afraid. Think of Profumo back in '62 he wasn't involved in manslaughtering anyone but by way of atonement for his sins he honourably faced the music and never ran and hid.